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    Joint Ops Virtual Air Combat School


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    Joint Ops Virtual Air Combat School Empty Joint Ops Virtual Air Combat School

    Post by Racker on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:18 pm

    New pilot or experienced Ace can benefit from Joint Ops Virtual Combat School.
    Classes for “Rise of Flight” and “IL2 Sturmovik 1946”

    Joint-Ops is NOT a squadron.
    Joint-Ops is a virtual flight training facility that offers FREE Basic Flight School Instruction and comprehensive course options designed to enhance the combat, flying and leadership skills of IL2 1946 bomber and fighter pilots through a series of programs including:
    · Pilot Ground School
    · Specialized Aircraft Training
    · Intermediate and Advanced Pilot School
    · Advanced Bomber & Fighter Training

    Who Can Benefit from Joint-Ops?
    Joint-Ops is open to independent pilots and squad members alike. If you are an independent pilot looking to improve your skills or a squad member looking to supplement your current training schedule then Joint-Ops is the perfect place for you. The facility is geared toward offering continuous training and practice without disrupting a pilot's normal squad duties or recreational time online.
    How Does Joint-Ops Work?

    Joint-Ops starts a new Basic Flight School class every second month which will accommodate 20 students in each class. Classes are conducted in the evening Eastern Time through our North American class or GMT Time for our Euro pilots. Training is done in the A6M2 Zero.
    Applications are accepted on a first come, first served, basis and membership is a requirement for training purposes.
    All new members MUST complete Basic Flight School regardless of previous experience. Ribbons and points are also awarded to provide a means for tracking programs and training completed. Specialty Badges are also awarded for meeting specific goals.
    After Basic Flight School you may take advantage of specialized aircraft training.

    If you want to learn some New skills or tune your old skills in fighters and bombers

    Or contact =AVG=Bear By paging him in the Hyper Lobby
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