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    790th Virtual Bomber Squadron.


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    790th Virtual Bomber Squadron. Empty 790th Virtual Bomber Squadron.

    Post by Racker on Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:38 am

    790th Virtual Bomber Squadron.
    790th Virtual Bomber Squadron Down Loads,Maps Missions and Bomber skins
    The 790th is a B24 bomber squadron. We are ALWAYS looking for bomber pilots. We have very good veteran bomber pilots in our ranks_790th_Reverend is the fighter CO. The Fighter Wing's main priority is escort.
    As a Fighter Pilot We always say that the bomber pilots get the job done. Us fighter jocks are just hired thugs for their protection. Bombers come first with us.

    Slugger Jr. Rheinmachen,
    Lonely Heart,
    790th Aggie is in Leading Lady. All are historically accurate 790th B.S. planes. Lonely Heart is Reverend's mount when he is not in a P47.


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