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    TS3 Users You can have multiple channel selection


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    TS3 Users You can have multiple channel selection  Empty TS3 Users You can have multiple channel selection

    Post by Racker on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:11 am

    Have you ever wanted to change channels and speak to others in another channel or sub channel? Or say you are flying a fighter and your escorting bombers. You really should have your own channel but still need to have contact with the bombers. Or you’re a pilot in a bomber and want to maintain contact with your crew and the fighter escort but don’t want to tie up fighter coms. When the action starts with one channel it can get confusing fast. One channel isn’t enough. Bombers Bombing Gunner crews Gunning and Fighters Fighting, coms get clogged up fast Here is how to avoid that and still maintain contact with other teams and gun crews with out clogging up coms using the tools provided by TS3.
    With only a few selections in settings you to can have multiple channel selection and get command of your forces.

    Suggested set up for getting the Max out of your TS3 coms.

    Coms set up for TS 3 dedicated team Rooms and sub channels

    This set up allows Multiple teams Multiple channels and the ability to easily switch channels while in game

    Changing Sub Cannels while in game set up Instructions.
    This is done at client end before entering the game.

    Select settings then options
    Select Hot keys
    Select add (under profile Details)
    Select Show advanced Options
    Open “switch to Channel drop down”
    Open “switch to channel drop down” again
    Select channel or sub channel you want to assign the hot key to
    Select Current server(this applies the Hot key to this one server)
    Select “No Hot key assigned” Box and select Hot key (I used F1 through F4 F1 being my primary channel)
    Use keys not already mapped or used in game(0r your number pad on your key board)
    Click OK to save the key
    Repeat for all Channels or Sub Channels you want to assign

    When finished you will be able to change rooms like changing frequencies on a two-way radio.
    This is done at the client end so can be applied to any server. Have fun and enjoy this option
    Go to settings in the team speak Tool bar select options Notifications and select Text to speech.

    Have fun

    Team Speak overlay
    Lets you know at a glance what channel your in and who joins

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