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    Win 7 and Vista Hyper Lobby fix


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    Win 7 and Vista Hyper Lobby fix Empty Win 7 and Vista Hyper Lobby fix

    Post by Racker on Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:51 am

    This Fix has helped many players access the Pager, allowed them to host and access the exit button for Hyper Lobby.
    It is my hope that it will work for you as well

    SKINS.INI file in HL there are lines with 3 dots (...) for Vista there should be two dots (..)
    Apparently do that editing and things should work
    Open HyperlobbyPro3
    Open skins
    Open default
    Open SKIN.INI (SKIN Configuration settings)
    Look for lines with 3 dots ( ... )
    All 3 dot entries should be 2 dots
    Main.Picture = ...\common\BackGround.gif
    Should be.
    Main.Picture = ..\common\BackGround.gif

    Having trouble getting game to work with Vista or Win 7



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