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    HSFX  Triggers Empty HSFX Triggers

    Post by Racker on Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:45 pm

    With the release of HSFX 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 We have triggers. These add a whole new approach to Mission building. When HSFX 7.0.2 was released I spent much of My FMB time using this new option ,although limited to Aircraft triggering only Aircraft,I created some very interesting Missions. Now with 7.0.3 The 242nds latest release I can now use Many more objects to trigger more then only planes. Ground objects such as Moving tanks Trucks and other moving objects with way points can be used to activate ground objects
    Those of you that have wanted to add tank battles to take place under your missions air battle now have more control of when the Tank battles start.This is only the beginning for this mission builder
    Or how many times have you entered a server only to find darkness and No targets. Running a dedicated server that has run out of maps,I use Server Commander for 4 of My servers. I have created a map that only starts when a live Pilot selects and spawns at a base. With triggers I have a Bomber group and escort fighters taking off only after a pilot spawns. This option along with the Taxi to Takeoff ,developed by the Team Daidalos, Really adds some action at the beginning right to the end of any IL2 Sturmovik Mission

    Here are the Links to HSFX and the Updater
    HSFX 7.0



    A list of what can be used as a trigger Here


    New mod "Triggers" - version 1.2

    - Add the ability to trigger ground units (Apparition / Startup).
    - Add the possibility of ground units detection.
    - New options available to limit the detection :
    - All aircrafts and objects
    - IA only
    - Humans only
    - Ground Objects Only
    - Moving Aircrafts Only
    - Static Aircrafts Only
    - Armour Only
    - Artillery Only
    - Infantry Only
    - Ships Only
    - Trains Only
    - Vehicles Only
    - Ability to link a trigger to an object / plane. As a consequence, the trigger will move in the same way than the object / plane and will not be active if the object / aircraft is destroyed.
    - Ability to display text on the execution of the trigger and define this duration.
    - Added a trigger message that only displays text on the screen.
    - Optimization of functions in the mission editor.
    - Fix a bug related to the target objects.
    - Add a line in the EventLog on the initiation of a trigger.

    Thanks to:
    - 4Shades for all the ideas he has made to this version and his testing
    - C6_Dore for testing
    - LAL_Anatoli for the manual
    - C6_Armand for the English translation
    - 2zel to the idea of extending this model to objects on the ground
    - And of course to 1C and Team Daidalos for our dear simulator...

    And Triggers can be used to send Messages to Pilots in game So when a trigger is used to luanch a flight of enemy Aircraft You can also use a Trigger to report "Enemy Aircraft taking Off to intercept"

    I hope to post more For now I hope you can enjoy this new feature

    Thanks 242nd and as always Team Daidalos at IC Maddox games
    For More about Team Daidalos and 4.13 Updates thread


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