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    537th_Arena server Rules  Empty 537th_Arena server Rules

    Post by Racker on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:01 pm

    Welcome to the 537th

    We Fly the Un Modded 409m version or current patch in the 537th Arena server
    This server is for Us and is at our disposal when ever we wish to Fly
    As a Gladiator U may invite any and as many of your friends as Long as the players follow the rules They are welcome to join any and all infractions that take place by your guests is your responsibility Make sure they read the rules

    For those about to die we salute you

    Welcome to the Gladiator’s server.
    This server was built and is maintained by "the Gladiator Squadron" this is a private server for there use.Remember that we are sharing this with you. When on-line please join our public games. Here are some guidelines to follow and a brief explanation.

    While you are here you represent your squadrons conduct your self with the codes of your squadrons if they don’t do it then you don’t do it here.

    If you are not part of a squad then these are your guide lines and your code of conduct
    For those that just want to fly and share this experience with others on-line then you must follow The Gladiators guidelines
    NO Exceptions will be tolerated.

    1)Trolls and Spammers or any one joining to disrupt the flow of any game will be treated as a spy and shot down and possibly kicked. Repeated offenses you will be kicked.
    We just wont take the time to sort it out that is your job to prove your not.

    2)Respect and Honor
    Gladiators are respected by Gladiators and don’t have the right to expect it from others.
    You will treat players as you would be treated regardless of the way that treat you.
    Respect: if you have none then you have no privilege playing in this server
    This includes gross obscenities in any regard whether in jokes or just being mulishess it will not be tolerated no exceptions. Sometimes we slip but keep in mind the age bracket of the players. And keep in mind that maybe it is souchely acceptable; it may be offensive to others

    Please by all means in this arena As a Gladiator the more colorful the better as long as it is not offensive. If a player tells you it is offensive then it is don’t repeat it

    4)Respect others colors
    Do not fly under another s banner or an on-line name
    This includes and is not limited, Call signs Squadron Colors or their skins. Simple if it isn’t yours then don’t touch it.

    5)Logging on as a different user
    Is accepted for a number of reasons. We will need to know who you are to be invited to closed missions. Using the same name each visited will improve your chances and lets us get to know you. You my be invited to be a Gladiator

    6)Proper Marking’s on planes
    All planes will have proper markings NO exceptions. Improper markings can be offensive to others and out of respect proper markings on the proper planes. I will not explain this any clearer so just make sure you have the proper markings on your plane. We do not fly captured planes

    7)Attacking on Final and Ramming Bombers
    Falls under poor sportsmen ship and frowned upon. Some of our missions last a long time. The damage engine of this sim allows us to fly with damaged surfaces and control cables Landing becomes more difficult and we prepare for a hard landing and to deprive another player of this challenge is poor sportsmen ship and is not condoned by any of the Gladiators.
    Ramming is not condoned on this server unless outlined in your Squadron‘s Code of Conduct and only in appropriate missions. If you can’t bring a Bomber down with bullets then you cant bring it down.

    8)Although if engage with a Fighter and a pilot makes an attempt to land he is still a target landing does not=escape.

    9)Chute Shooting
    Some players find it offensive what’s the point so just don’t do it

    Gladiators want a fair fight and do not camp on enemy bases so you shall not either.

    Sometimes a player will spawn while you are above his base strafing the plane on the ground is frond upon by the Gladiators. We well mock strafe the base (with out firing). But there are consequences.

    12)Defense against a mock strafing
    If you have just re-spawned and are Mock strafed Fire when he falls in your sites He asked for it he gets it you and the flak may get him.

    13)Team Killing and point stealing
    Any form of point stealing is subject to inquiry whether it is team killing or not ejecting after landing to avoid a fight or engine trouble a downed plane is a slow target get out of it unless you want to be a target to.
    If engaged and a friendly fly’s into your guns brake off the attack and reengage or the result may be recorded as a friendly kill on your record.

    14)Gladiators points system
    Points are tallied recorded and posted as a Squadron score.
    Friendly kills are Highlighted

    15)Emergency landings ”qqq” and NAV Lights (Dead stick landings 1&2)
    NAV Lights are used for Dead Stick Landings
    Dead Stick 1
    Calling out dead stick declares an emergency and gives you priority to a landing strip or zone. A dead stick landing is just that, you have a dead stick no power and poor controls and uncontrolled decent. Dead stick takes priority and gets right of way for the runway.
    Report Dead Stick turn on your lights and land the other planes will clear your path.
    Dead Stick 2
    For other then mechanical failures report “dead stick” state the problem, Fuel, Controls, Cramp, Rest Room or even Snacks, turn on your lights and land come back and catch up with out losing your spot
    If you don’t have TS
    For those that don’t have team speak type ”qqq” turn on your lights land let us know why you had to land come back you wont loose your spot. The lights help to see you so you can be avoided and a possible escort can track you. It is recommended that you do not fly with them on as it makes you an easer target to spot.
    Waste of resources and not condoned

    16)Gladiators Police them self’s
    Gladiators have one purpose to entertain the mob. Our complaints fall on deaf ears outside of the Arena. So we only complain amongst our selves. We hope you will do the same

    17)If you are kicked or received a Kick warning
    We welcome all participants and mistakes are made. So after receiving a kick warning message ask why and apologize or defend your actions, don’t argue cant stress that enough. A Gladiator or Moderator was witness or someone complained ether way he wants to know both sides you wont kicked for explaining but you could get banned for arguing.

    18)We are human and make mistakes If your are kicked, sign in as a deferent user and come back and defend your self. Don’t repeat the same offense and you wont get Kicked again

    19)Externals are Tools for Moderators and observers
    You may have noticed that the externals are on at this server we use it as a training aid and to monitor visitors. Use it at your discretion. You may want to just watch other pilots fly after you land or get shot down we don’t mind.

    20)We wont always be on line so we rely on you to let a us know of disrespectful actions as outlined above and found that it is the only way to properly moderate this server. Although first or even second offense may not result in an immediate reprimand but you should see a warning message on the screen as long as there is a Gladiator on-line. If you are offended then take the first step confront him/her in a respectful manor. If it keeps up let us know and we while try to resolve the issue in a calm manor. Gladiators don’t want to be chained to a whiner so keep in mind that complaints are considered a verbal weapon and should be treated as such and not to be taken lightly, to many and you may be thought of as a troll.
    In regards to complaints “Draw me not in anger sheath me not with out honor” is our guideline

    All Gladiators are moderators and expect them to be watching

    Who are the Gladiators?
    Some were Prisoners of War
    Some Were Sentenced to Death
    Some were Free Men and Women

    To suffer myself to be whipped by with rods burned by fire or killed by steel if I disobey
    This is MY OATH
    I AM

    No Team Killing.!
    No kill stealing!
    No chute shooting!
    Historical markings!
    No trash talk!
    Honor and respect!


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