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    Router Issues


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    Router Issues Empty Router Issues

    Post by Racker on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:39 am

    With so many routers on the market the confusion for setting them up Is a monumental Task for some of us.All I have experience with is Mine. Yours will be different.Maybe Someone could post something similar to this on how there was set up and things to watch for in Easy to read instructions and Maybe Screen shots would In My case be great
    I myself had some help from players in the lobby. To do it again from memory may be taxing to me
    If I had to replace my router with a different Make and or model I would be Lost and Back at square one.



    MR814v2 Router Set up:
    First I click on this Link
    I got this Page

    Router Issues RouterSetup2

    I scroll to Advanced and Port Forwarding
    Click and it takes me here

    Router Issues RouterSetup1

    I clicked on
    Add custom Service and got this page

    Router Issues RouterSetup3-2

    I fill in the Blanks

    Router Issues RouterSetup3-5

    Router Issues RouterSetup3-7

    Click Apply
    It brought me back Here to this page

    Router Issues RouterSetup5-1

    I then checked My settings
    Then Down Load Port Checking Utility

    Click on Port Checker
    Port test Bad

    Router Issues PortCheckingBad

    Port test Good

    Router Issues SPortChecking3-3

    Now I’m ready to Host

    If Nothing else This project gave me something to do On a slow Sunday . And if it helps just one more player then it was all worth it

    One more thing Although this is a simple router to set up when I first installed it It really was a huge task for me to figure out. Now I may want to try another. Maybe But as long as this one works????


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